Since we do not provide drug or alcohol treatment in Bloomington, those struggling with drug or alcohol addiction should contact our referral line for help as soon as possible.

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Christian Alcohol and Drug Detox Bloomington, MN

Those out there who are afflicted by a drug, alcohol or other substance addiction face a daunting and debilitating challenge. They face a very strong downturn in their lives. Some have already felt it, and some have yet to feel it but it is inevitable. Strong addictions hurt, but they are difficult to cure often because the ones who are hurt are often those surrounding the addicted instead of the addicted themselves. This is why the surrounding friends and family are pivotal to the inspiration of change to the addicted soul.

A huge point we wish to make to all of our current patients and all potential new patients is that an addiction is not controllable. It is common for the addicted person to feel as if he or she has complete and total control of their problem, but the truth is that the alcohol or other substance which he or she is addicted to has been plaguing the mind with delusions of control. In order to truly control one’s own actions, one cannot ingest substances which, by their very nature, remove this control away. We attempt to establish this as soon as possible during the process so that the patient is more open to help, because no forward progress can be made with someone who is still in denial. Give Christian Alcoholism Treatment Helpline in Bloomington, MN a call at 952) 856-3137, and our experts will help you or your loved one see the truth, and once the truth is accepted, proper change can begin.

We understand from many years of experience, that while all of our patients may have ended up in similar circumstances, all plagued by a harsh addiction which has caused trouble in their lives, not all of our patients share the same story. Most patients have very unique problems and these problems have compounded in unique ways trough unique circumstances in their lives which led them to the state they are currently in. We prioritize our patient’s individual needs and we treat each patient for the problems which are unique to them. While some treatment centers offer a standardized treatment program, we make your experience relevant to your needs, so that you get the results you expect. Take the first step and call (952) 856-3137 today to begin the best treatment available in Bloomington, MN.

Our Services include:

• Dual diagnosis and co-occurring disorder treatment program

• Full medically supervised detoxification program

• Inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation

• Partial hospitalization plan

• Transitional living support and intensive outpatient treatment program

• Support groups and educational components

Our facility will bring out all the stops to make your experience tolerable and, most importantly, successful. With a friendly professional care, a healthy, sober lifestyle is closer than you think. One call can change a life forever. Call today.